The Best Questions to Ask a Realtor in 2022

When hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your real estate property, you need to be very clear about who you are hiring and his background. You must ask them a lot of questions to know them very well before getting into a contract with them.  Sending a contract blindly without asking any questions, in the beginning, can cause you a lot of trouble later.

 So below are common questions you must ask your real estate agent before you hire them to sell your house or other real estate properties.


The first question you must ask your real estate agent is about his experience of him in the real estate field. Asked how long he has been working as a real estate agent.  Make sure he has been in this field at least for 4-5 years so that he will be knowing the area and also have a set number of previous clients to whom he can show your offer. So make sure you ask your real estate agent his experience as the first question.

Commission Percentage

  Commission percentage can vary from country to country and from real estate company to another company.  A real estate agent is not paid for work similar to other businesses. The commission he gets from your sale is the only amount that he gets out of your work assigned to him.  The normal commission rate for real estate is between 3 to 6 percent.  As a seller, you must be offering him three percent commission and the buyer would be offering him another three percent commission.

Time needed

  Ask him the time frame he needs to sell your real estate property. Most real estate agents are able to sell a property within 90 days from the date of the agreement. if your real estate agent is not confident to sell your property within 90 days then you must find another real estate agent.  Be very clear with them when signing the agreement and mention the time period that this agreement will be active.

Sales Record

  Ask your real estate agent the number of houses and other properties that he has sold before. Also, ask him about the active areas where he has a lot of clients. If the real estate agent has completed at least five sales in the previous financial year, then it means he knows what he says and he also has the ability to sell the property. If he has completed any deals for your friends and neighbors that can be very easy for you to inquire about him to them.  So make sure you hire a qualified real estate agent who has completed many previous sales.

Full time or Part time

  Now, this is another very important thing when hiring a real estate agent. There are people who work as real estate agents part time and they have other major businesses which will use most of their time.  If you hire such a real estate agent they would not be able to sell your property on time.

 These are the common questions that you must ask your real estate agent before you hire them to sell your property.  Don’t compromise on certain issues so that you can sell your home quickly and in a short period of time.